10 Popular Night Cafe In Melaka

With the rise of cafe culture in Malaysia comes the increase of small businesses started by young returned-home entrepreneurs. Melaka also catches on the wind and see these little establishments popping up with quirky concepts and modern vibe. When observe carefully, you will be able to see that

Top 10 Desaru Hotel & Resort

Welcome to Desaru, a strictly local affair without any facy restaurants, chic boutiques or hip nightlife spots. This is a popular place in Malaysia where every tourists are able to see a true ‘clean’ life and staying in Malay resort without any for-tourists frills. Like all of Malaysia’s east

10 Best Johor Bahru Buffet

A shout-out for every foodies around Malaysia and Singapore who are demanding for an enormous feast!!! Feeling would like to gulp in a great feast together with your beloved ones or colleagues whenever a celebration or holiday? Then, a buffet feast would be the most satisfying answer

Johor Bahru One Day Trip

Tired and getting bored of just visiting the ‘normal visitors must visit’ attractions available in Johor Bahru during every holidays? Besides delicious food such as otak-otak and hand-made wantan mee, Johor Bahru is actually available with all kinds of wonderful shopping malls, amusement parks and streets which

Top 15 Kluang Food Every Foodie Must Try

We live to eat or we eat to live? It doesn’t matter anymore. Everyone of us no matter we are young or old love to eat good food with good taste. If you’re given a chance to visit Kluang, Johor, you should stop by and enjoy their

Top 13 Eco Farms Resorts & Park in Johor

Not sure where to go during the semester break and holidays? Getting tired and bored of water parks and ordinary ‘must visit attractions’? No worries, JohorTrip are here ready to recommend some worth-going visit eco farms and their resorts available in Johor. These eco farms and resorts are really

Top 10 Golf Course In Johor Bahru

In Johor history, the start of golf bloom would be in the early 1990s, bringing a massive development of golf resorts and golf clubs there. This golfing upsurge welcomes all Johoreans to give a try in golf. Besides, they do become an attraction for foreign visitors from

Top 10 Cafe In Johor Bahru That Are Worth To Visit For

A cafe is a type of restaurant which usually serves coffee and snacks. It is a place for fast-paced Malaysians to consider passing by as a part of their day. Cafes provide calm, invigorating ambiance for people to socialize, relax or catch up on work. Besides that, it

15 Best Dessert In Johor Bahru

Are you a green tea or matcha fanatic? Are you craving for matcha desserts but lazy to make it? Don’t worry! There are plenty of pastries and café in Johor Bahru will solve your matcha cravenness problem. They have the best matcha desserts and the matcha desserts

10 Best Place For Massage In Johor Bahru

Chinese massage and general Western massage or Thai massage are different, Chinese massage as a non-medical natural and physical therapy. The masseur uses his own hands to apply the specific acupuncture points or uncomfortable places of the patient, and then uses the method such as push, take,