All vehicles are comfortable and spacious to make sure our customers satisfy with our service and provide experienced drivers to guarantee safe trip and hassle free at affordable prices. believe that good cars will take you to good places. Our transport services provide a number of finely tuned and stately cars such as Toyota Innova, Toyota Alphard, and Hyundai Starrex equipped to take you to any place you desire to visit.



Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova

The Toyota Innova comfortably seats up to 7 people and has ample space for its passengers’ luggage. This car has stunning exteriors, well air-conditioning, very handy seatbelts, and is also roomy, which is just right for both city driving and out-of-town adventures.

Toyota Innova is a vibrant brand-new design and ideal for travel transportation– providing versatile area for boundless possibilities. For more baggage demand, the Third row of seats can be folded out sideway to provide more packing area.

The Innova could be perfectly utilized by either of the following:

Seating Capacity : 5 persons with 2 cabin size baggage OR 6 persons with travel bags


Toyota Alphard

Toyota Alphard

Marvel at the Toyota Alphard’s premium exterior and elite interiors which luxuriously seats up to eight passengers and provides generous luggage space.

It is an elegant luxury MPV. The designers have actually provided it a vibrant appearance with styling aspects like flares at the front and rear wheel arches.

The Alphard has also become a popular choice particularly among corporate travels and business assemblies held within Singapore and Malaysia. It is also the ideal vehicle for both airport and hotel exchanges as it offers larger space for baggage. This care could be maximized through either of the following:

Seating Capacity  : 6 persons with 2 cabin size baggage OR 6 persons with travel bags


Hyundai Starex

Hyundai Starex

The Grand Hyundai Starex could securely seat 10 passengers and provide all the space needed by travelers. The Starex ensures a versatile, comfortable and elegant ride tailored-fit for big groups of family, friends, or colleagues.

Hyundai Starex is remarkably effective and smooth on the roadway even with complete pax and it is a biggest MPV on the roadway with its body length of 5 meters.The seats can be set up in numerous methods to accommodate various celebrations and requirements.

Its seats are also cleverly designed to be tipped up, slid or reclined to maximize its use. You could utilize this vehicle the most by either of the following:

Seating Capacity  : 7 persons with 2 cabin size baggage OR 10 persons with travel bags

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Whether you’re in Singapore wanting to go to Legoland Malaysia, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, or anywhere in Malaysia, our private cars can take you there with the assurance of a hassle-free travel. Passengers who avail of our services will no longer be required to alight from our private vehicles when crossing borders nor carry with them their bulky suitcases to patiently wait for the clearing of the immigration and customs.

Our drivers will take care of everything so long as you hand them your passports when passing through the immigration booths located at the borders. This saves you time and effort which you can just use to enjoy and have fun as you tour around. Hand-pick from either of the following cars which you think is best suited for your traveling needs and you’re off to go:  Toyota Innova (seats up to 6 passengers), Toyota Alphard (seats up to 7 passengers), and Hyundai Starex (seats up to 10 passengers). services provide a more affordable and stress-free transportation alternative in Singapore and Malaysia bound travels. Keep in mind that there are no public transportation routes that go straight to Legoland or other locations in Malaysia when coming from Singapore. That leaves you with no other option but to bus hop to reach your desired destination.

But with us, we’ll take you directly where you want and need to be. There’s no need to be a chance passenger in public buses where you would have to alight twice as you head to Singapore/Malaysia Immigration. You can also ease yourself from lifting your heavy baggage to get cleared from the customs office which could take so much of your time and energy.  Choose the smooth ride and contact us today.

Comfortable Luxury Private Car & Affordable Prices

Touring from Singapore to Malaysia in the luxury of a private car needs not to be expensive. Our transport service offers the lowest fares to date.

We make sure you get the most out of your money by proving you with safe, comfortable, convenient, and stylish ride to Johor or Malaysia from Singapore. Customers who avail of our services for their travel needs are accordingly received by a relaxing ride in our premium vehicles, which are the latest models by the way. Get to be in style at a much affordable price when you book us today.

Spacious & Comfortability cars have generous spaces than most cars do. We can put in more baggage without sacrificing rooms for your legs to stretch out just fine. Our air conditions are also checked on a regular basis to make certain that all you’ve got to do is enjoy the ride with your friends and family as you journey from Singapore to Malaysia and vice versa

Security & Safety aim to give our passengers the best travel experience available in town, which is why we make sure not just that the car interiors and exteriors are well-kept but moreover guard our engines, tires, brakes, electrical wirings, gasoline, pedals and other necessary parts for guaranteed safety and security.

And since our customers’ protection is on top of our minds, we also ensure that our drivers are highly experienced and excellently skilled whose goals are not just to take you where you want to go but also for you to arrive safe and sound.