Legoland Malaysia

Many of us grew up playing with lego bricks. We have learned the basics of structure and building from these bright colored blocks. Now imagine an entire theme park not just surrounded by but is actually build by lego bricks from every corner?

That is definitely a dream come true for every kid and all the kids at heart. And that is what Legoland Malaysia does – offer unlimited fun and bring out the child in all of us.

Legoland Malaysia is definitely a source of fun, amazement and enjoyment in every way. All year round the park is packed with people from all around the world who want to experience it first-hand. You may wish to visit at the times when it’s not that crowded (which are usually weekdays) so that you can spend less time waiting in long lines and more time in enjoying more rides.

Legoland Malaysia is the pioneer theme park who happens to be a water park at the same time. Since its inauguration last 2012, it has delighted thousands of satisfied tourists who can’t get enough of Legoland Malaysia. The park also offers a hotel where you can check in should you decide to spend a few more days to discover and experience all that it has to offer.

Since Legoland Malaysia is primarily built for children, you can presume that almost all activities and rides are friendly to them. The park also help develop the creative side in kids as it has lots of interactive games that will drive to reach their potential in a very fun way.

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Legoland Malaysia has seven divisions which you could explore.

What welcomes every visitor on Legoland Malaysia is the famous Lego arch. You can take a photo with it as a sure memorabilia. You can also site some shops at the entrance gate such as The Big Shop where you can also buy some souvenirs.

1. Imagination

The Imagination part of Legoland Malaysia is probably the most interactive part of Legoland Malaysia – and the most colorful as well. If you want to see the entirety of Malaysia, you could try out the Observation tower.

But one of the highlight of Imagination is the part called Build and Test. Here, kids are encouraged to actively participate by thinking and picturing out things.

They will be asked to build what they have imagined and test what they have made.

How? For example, when they have finished building what they claim is the sturdiest Lego tower; it will be tested via an artificial earthquake to see if it will stand. Isn’t that amazing?

2. Lego Kingdom

Want to relive the old times? Here comes the Lego Kingdom! Experience again the ancient age as you enter Lego Kingdom – complete with swords, spears, knights, castles, dragons, and even medieval music that will surely encouraged your kid and even yourself and play around this awesome playground.

3. Lego City

You may opt to visit the Lego City where the Market restaurant is located, as well as the Lego City Fire Rescue Academy for you to live out as real life fireman and be the hero that puts out the fire yourself!

4. Lego Technique

Now, the Lego Technique. This is where most of the fun activities dwell. One of the highlights of the Lego Technique is the Mindstorms Academy where you can actually program Lego robots and let them combat each other!

You will know you have reached this part of the park when you see Albert Einstein’s face at the front entrance – made of Lego, of course. And what is a theme park without a carousel?

In Legoland Malaysia, they have Wave racers which are their version of the infamous carousel ride made of Lego bricks. Then they have the Project X rollercoaster.

We may say that it is simply their version of the roller coaster, but it is not that. This thing doesn’t give you the feeling of being thrown out of your seat out into the open air.

It is the usual size of a rollercoaster minus all the sharp turns that even children as young as seven years of age could enjoy.

5. Land of Adventure

Feel free to set out in an expedition at the Land of Adventure. As the name suggests, you can see various featured missions such as that of Johnny Thunders’ in the dessert, jungle and Dino Island.

You can even take on a boat that goes upwards, spiral and downwards with those huge splash for the complete experience.


If you want to be amused, you better not miss the Mini Land. Here you will see breathtaking displays of Lego miniatures featuring famous landmarks in Asia

But is you are a little bit tired already and want to some rest but still be able to enjoy, try out the Lego 4D Cinema: Watching this short Lego movie comes along with a 4D glasses that will surely give you the ultimate Lego experience.

It is no wonder so many people from around the world wants to get a chance to visit Legoland in Johor. The feeling of relinquishing childhood memories for grown-ups and making new ones for the young is what it creates.

All the colors, the fun, the exciting visuals, the amazing experience which are unique to every visitor is truly for keeps. Legoland Malaysia will continue to be a center of attraction in Malaysia that any visitor would not want to miss.

How To Get To Legoland Malaysia From Singapore

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