As one of the most promising commercial district in Johor, Mount Austin is noticeable for its myraids of nice eateries to be explored. There are a lot of lovely and charming cafes available there with nice atmosphere.

These cafes have their own unique design and delicacies that could leave every guests to come back for more too. Their own-inspired menus and drinks would defiantly surprise everyone’s taste bud and makes them craving for more. It could be a heaven for all coffee lovers or anyone who are seeking for a place to sit down and relax themselves under a hot weather.

Imagine having a cold-brew iced latte after a tiring day of Mount Austin’s tour, isn’t that wonderful? The cold drink will totally refresh anyone and another shout out is that they provide free WiFi too.

Here, JohorTrip would like to offer some recommendations of best cafes in Mount Austin which are worth to pay for a visit.


Best Cafes In Mount Austin

1. Atlas Coffee Embassy

Atlas coffee Embassy is one of the most popular coffee shop located at Johor Bahru recently. What’s make this cafe special would be their simple but yet elegance white-themed interior design. Here, all the furnishing are white in color and uniquely designed to match its concept to offer a clean and environment for every diners who are having their meal there. If you love clean and bright place to have meals then this is definitely a good choice for you!

Whenever you are going to have a visit there, do remember to try out their signature breakfast set which consisted of scramble eggs, baked beans, sausages, potato salad and other home-inspired dishes.

This café is also well-known with their coffee which is created by the owner of this shop, JH Yee, who is the most influential barista in year 2013. It could be so much enjoyment by drinking their signature coffee while reading some magazine provided in different language such as English, Chinese and even Japanese that are lined up in this café. (P.S: Free WiFi is available too)


Additional Information:

Location : 32, Jalan Mount Austin 8/7, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
Operating hour : 8.30 AM – 7 PM
Contact no : 07-358 7546


2. Creamery Boutique Ice Creams Johor Bahru

This café is dedicated for someone who extremely love dessert especially ice cream and also cookies. Creamery Boutique Ice Creams Johor Bahru has a very creative way to serve ice cream. You can either choose cookies or brownie with your favourite ice cream on the top in a pan. Another amazing thing about this café would be their mouth-watering 12 different flavor of ice cream and 6 variations of cookies.

What made this café special is their ice creams are all homemade Thailand ice cream which you can less likely find it from other places. The ice creams are more creamy and sticky due as there are more milk portions added into the ice-cream during the preparation process. Besides that, Creamery Boutique Ice Creams’s can even surprise everyone’s taste bud with their lava cookies, where the sauce inside the cookies will flow out after taking a bite of it. The cookies or brownie are warm-baked when served.

Moreover, the cozy and comfortable environment of the cafe is definitely a good choice for a simple casual dating.


Additional Information :

Location : 33, Jalan Austin Heights 8/3, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
Operating hour : 2 PM – 10 PM
Contact no : 07-362 1300


3. gCafe

gCafe is located at a strategy location which is easy to see from Mount Austin’s main road. It’s definitely a perfect choice for Instagram post as it has great modern interior and also exterior design. Upon entering the cafe, every guests are able to see eye-catching walls decorated with colorful painting of the world of bears.

It serves not only main dishes but also desserts such as cake, waffle with ice cream and nachos. An extra point for this café is that their menus are suitable for vegetarian as it serves some vegetarian food like Basil Pesto Spaghetti with cheese powder. If you are a small eater, you can order small dishes like 3 mini burgers (2 beefs burgers and 1 chicken burger) with wedges and salad.

The amazing promotion of this café is you can get 50% discount on your cake with every main course ordered.


Additional Information :

Location : 147, Jln Mutiara Emas 10/19, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
Operating hour : 8 AM – 10PM
Contact no : 07-362 1261


4. Just Want Coffee, The Factory 30

The factory-30 is well-known as one of the best coffee shops in Johor Bahru. It’s named The Factory for a reason. This café is located at a former factory in an industrial area. Don’t be shocked if you pass by many car workshops and large factories before reaching your destination. The entrance of this café is at the glass doors on the left of the pulled down shutter.

What make this café unique is the decorations here are mesmerizing. Their door knobs are actually coffee filter holders and there are gurney sacks hanging from the ceiling. This place is so big that it’s 2 storeys high. There is a open concept bar which you can watch the baristas at work here.

The way of serving coffee is pretty special here like their Iced Mocha came in a cold bottle and you have to shake it and mixed it really well before pouring out into a glass. They also serve desserts like waffles and cakes as well as dishes like The Smoked Ham and Egg Sandwich. All their main dishes come with nachos with some sauce.


Additional Information : 

Location : 30, Jalan Mutiara Emas 5/3, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
Operating hour : 12PM – 12AM
Contact no : 07-350 7508


5. M2 Escape

This definitely a perfect choice for those who are kid at heart or mickey lovers as this café is a Mickey Mouse themed café with lots of mickey mouse and minnie mouse decorations. It is the first café with mickey mouse theme available in Johor Bahru. More surprisingly is that they even have the menu, cups and counter are designed in mickey mouse theme.

It is named as M2 Escape because this cafe is also a combination of escape room and café, where young children are able to entertain themselves by exploring their mini escape room, solving series of clues along the way and doing some tasks in order to escape from the room. Getting bored while waiting for the food? Need not to worry that there are board games available in the cafe for spending the leisure time.

The cafe’s main attraction would be their menus, where all of the dishes are served in mickey’s shaped or with mickey logo on it. These special menus are 100% home made and freshly served everyday to ensure only the best food are being served to their customers. If you wish to get some mickey mouse souvenirs like Mickey mug you can grab it here too!


Additional Information :

Location : 7-01, Jalan Austin Heights 8/8, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
Operating hour : 12PM – 12AM
Contact no : 012-738 5848


6. Vege Coffee

If you are looking for a vegetarian café then Veg Coffee would definitely be your first choice! This café is a great place if you want to have a cup of great coffee with vegetarian food. Designed with the most simple but beautiful interior design, Vege Coffee creates a warm and homey feeling for all of their guests. Vege Coffee also has a long table that can fit big groups for friends gathering or family celebration.

Their signature coffee are hot chocolate and matcha lattee. Try out their miso udon soup as you can less likely find it from a vegetarian and coffee shop. They have wide range of different and creative vegetarian food unlike other vegetarian restaurants which have limited choices and having a bland appearance. Another interesting part of the cafe is that the cafe even combined western menus with vegetarian menus, creating special own-inspired food that every guests would come back for more .


Additional Information :

Location : 56, Jln Austin Heights 8/2, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
Operating hour : 11AM – 10PM
Contact no :  07-364 5682



7. Patisserie De Charme

This is a café with decoration alike with France. We guess you will find yourself in dilemma if you are here for their desserts as they have variety of choices of French desserts. Whenever you are paying a visit there, do remember to try out their signature French desserts like Blueberry cream cheese mousse, Dark chocolate mousse with hazelnut and sweet french toasts. These desserts not only beautifully decorated on its appearance but also taste delicious as they do not taste overly sweet or bland.

The best thing about this café is they serve a special high tea set that have approximately 10 different kind of desserts to be chosen that allow you to enjoy your tea time hanging out with your friends here, with an affordable price. If you are a French desserts lover then you definitely need to give a try! Apart from serving great and satisfying French desserts, here also serves some main dishes like pasta, pizza and also sandwiches available in the cafe.


Additional Information :

Location : No.41,Jalan Austin Height 8/5 Taman Mouth, Austin, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
Operating hour : 8AM – 10PM (CLOSED ON THURSDAY)
Contact no :  07-362 1412


8. The Hare By Sugar On Top

The design of this shop is kind of bright and classy feel. They also use sunflowers as their main decorations not only indoor but also outside of the café. Their signature desserts is charcoal waffles serve with ice cream and sauce that you can dip your waffles into it. Such a perfect combination for waffles right!

Hokkaido Matcha Hotcake also is their signature desserts. Matcha lovers definitely not able to resist this Matcha Hotcake! It’s so satisfying just only thinking about the matcha sauce flowing out when you cut through the hot cake.

Their signature main dishes is SOT Chilli Crab Pasta with eggyolk placing in the middle of the pasta. You should try out their Salted Caramel Latte as it’s really delicate and well-poured as well as taste nice too!


Additional Information :

Location : 1, Jalan Kuning 1, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor
Operating hour : 11AM – 12AM
Contact no : 018-789 0511


9. The Sugar Pantry

Sugar Pantry’s design is simple yet cozy. All their pastry products were homemade and handcrafted. They have variety choices of desserts like cakes, pastries, chocolate and etc. If you are a huge fans of macaroons then you definitely need to try this out!

Their best selling macaroons are Miso, Blueberry and Matcha flavoured macaroons. Their best selling desserts is “Bundle of Sunshine”. It made of lychee jelly covered with raspberry mousse and rose cream and the price is reasonable too.

The best thing about Sugar Pantry is you can even custom your own cake as your request but the price will be slightly higher. If you do not like to have coffee, then you can get yourself some fresh juices or even cocktails to go with their cakes.


Additional Information :

Location : 47, Jalan Molek 1/9, Taman Molek, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
Operating hour : 10AM – 10PM
Contact no :  07-364 3910


10. My Liberica Coffee

The decoration here is simple and comfortable. My Liberica is the one and only bean producer in Malaysia. They have their own plantation to plant their own coffee beans. There is strong coffee bean aroma in the air once you enter the shop. The barista only grin the coffee when you place an order which make the coffee super fresh. You can even buy their coffee bean here if you find it inconvenient to get here every time when you are craving for their coffee. Here also has coffee bar where you can watch barista in action.

They serve variety choices of coffee ranging from common one like cappuccinos and usual lattes to special choices like civet cat coffee and Geisha. You can also order waffles or cakes to go with your favorite cakes here.


Additional Information :

Location : 73, Jalan Molek 3/10, Taman Molek, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

Operating hour : 12.30PM – 10.30PM

Contact no :  07-361 1069