Considered as king of fruits, durian is one of Malaysia’s national treasure that is full of vitamin and fibre. This seasonal fruit would only available from June to August, and few during the month of November. Their golden, fleshy fruits in a thorny skin may give you the best succulent bite if you give it a try. Well, please be careful that it may give you a prick of pain sometimes as you are trying to ‘peel’ it.

With a huge variety of durian species such as D2, D22, D24, D101, Bamboo Feet, Musang King, 22 and more available in Malaysia, it would be very hard for a real durian lover to decide which to choose for, since they might have different texture and taste. However, they might be the just the same for people who dislike it. Here, JohorTrip would help you on how to differentiate these durians.

Non-locals who love durian may travel for hours just to have a taste of it. You can see a lot of tables and chairs on hawker or buffet selling these delicious durians during its limited peak session. However, the price may be vary and several times more expensive.

Where To Eat Durian In Melaka

Today, JohorTrip would bring you on an alternate durian route over the popular tourism attraction, Malacca .  So, do bring along your beloved family, your girlfriend, your cousins out to ‘makan’ oh. (P.S :Prices are more affordable too)


1. Durian Heng

Here is definitely the best place for you to get the best quality of durians. Their durians sell at a higher price but definitely guarantee you with the super good quality especially for musang king or any other premium type of durians.

All the durians here are planted by themselves and this is their family business. Another surprising fact is that their durian business had been passed down to the fourth-generation now.

They also provide seats under the shade and even with fans where you can enjoy your favourite durian under the super hot weather unlike some other places which will get you drenched with sweat eating durian.

There is no language barrier here as they can really speak different language which can even serve foreign customers well. They also serve fresh coconut pandan drink which could be a great refreshment.


Additional Information:

Location : 77200 Bemban, Malacca
Operating hour : 9AM – 7PM
Contact no :  019-667 6943



2. Mr. Tai’s stall


For those who actually go for quantity more than the quality, then here is the best place for you! They provide really cheap durian if compare to other stalls. You can get a bunch of durian like durian buffet here as they really sell the cheapest durians here at Malacca.

Even though their durians are not that pricey, the quality of durians are good too even with cheaper price. Seats are provided under the canopy where you can take your own sweet time to have your durians as it is really kinda windy and can keep you cool even during super hot weather.


Additional Information:

Location : Next To Eco Do Dem



3. Sim Koa Yen


Sim Koa Yen is the largest dam in the state of malacca. To get to Sim Koa Yen, you have to take a kinda long ride. However, if you try out their durians, all the long ride definitely will be all worthwhile in the end!

They even won the championship in Malaysia durian at year 2008 and second place at the year 2007. They serve really wide range of durians which some of them are really rarely find at any other places. Other than that, they even planted up to 29 clones of durians in their orchard! They make really good explanation on different type of durians with label on every type of durians.


Additional Information:
Location : Jalan Simpang Gading / Ayer Pasir, 76100 Durian Tunggal, Melaka
Operating hour : 9AM – 2.45PM
Contact no : 012-681 6895



4. Pasar Besar Melaka


You can find the best durian sellers here at the big morning market which is pasar besar melaka. They do not have many type of durians but their services are really good. Other than that, the price of their durians are really reasonable.

They have good selectin of farm fresh like D101, D24, D18, kasap and any other local picks. All the durians here are from his own farm. It is so convenient to get here as you can just get here whenever you come for grocery shopping at this big morning market.

Even if you are not planning to buy durians at the first place, you will definitely attracted by the smell of durians here.


Additional Information:
Location : Kampung Bachang, 75350 Malacca
Operating hour : 6AM – 6PM



5. Ah Meng by Famous Coconut Shake Place


Ah Meng’s stall is nearby the airport which means you can get here once you landed on Malacca to try out their best durians and also their coconut shake.

The durians here are all from Johor. Other than serving really good quality and affordable price of durians, here also popular for their coconut shake. Their coconut shake is really fresh that can help you to beat the heat weather can cool off yourself at the same time enjoying your favourite fresh and juicy durians here.

You will never regret of paying a visit here after you have tried out both of their durians and coconut shakes and you definitely will want to give a second try after it!



6. Eco Do Dem


Eco Do Dem definitely is a must-go place for you is you are really a huge fans of durians! They can try out their durian wine upstairs at their own café and also eat their durians downstairs.

Durian wines are really rarely can be found at any other place. Hence, do not miss out your chance to try out their durian wines before they stop selling it! All the durian trees are planted by the owner of Eco Do Dem who is Mr.Tai for about 25 years ago.

They have really wide range of durians that you might be having dilemma in choosing which type to have. However, their best selling type of durians are none other than D101.


Additional Information:
Location : Lot 1483, Jalan Asam Kumbang (83.53 mi) Bemban, Melaka, Malaysia 77200
Operating hour : 12:30PM – 10.30PM
Contact no : 019-628 1628



7. Durian Hub in Tongkok


Durian Hub in Tongkok own their own large farm to plant their own durian trees. Hence, their durians all are really fresh and juicy. There are always a large group of tourist who visit here to can the best durians.

They even have tourist from other country coming to try out their durians like China. If you are worried of not able to get their best selling durians, you can even call them for reservations.

They have really large space and provide really comfy and shaded area where can fit really large group of people for you and your friends to enjoy their durians. Hence, do not need to worry of sweating or feel crowded as the space there are really huge.


Additional Information:
Location : Lot 2038,Jalan Industri,Taman Perindustrian Tiara (80.94 mi) Tangkak 84900
Contact no : 019-656 0202


8. Ah Gee Durian Stall


Ah Gee Durian stall offers many variety of durians but with varying prices too. The price of durians will followed by the quality of the durian and of course, also followed by the demands. He has been selling durian for almost 10 years with guarantee of his quality of durians.

If you suddenly hunting for durians out of a sudden during your food hunting at Jonker street, you can definitely come here to give a try as it is really convenient to get here because it is a small canopy located at nearby the Jonker Street.


Additional Information:

Location : Next to Bayview Hotel, Jalan Bendahara, Kampung Bukit China, 75100 Melaka



9. HY Fruits Trading, kip market


HY fruits trading located at outside the department store call kip market. They sell many type of fruits like banana, mangosteen, longan and of course, the most demanding one, the durians as well as some import fruits which are really fresh and good quality.

They also provide seats at the stalls where you can sit and enjoy your own favourite fruits here. However, they sell limited choices of durians as they sell different kind of fruits here but you can easily to get here after you grocery shopping at kip market.


Additional Information:
Contact no : 0197587342


You May Need To Know Where To Eat Durian In Johor Bahru

Advantages of Eating Durians:

  • Provides relief from insomnia.
  • Helps to keep bones healthy and prevents osteoporosis.
  • Aids in maintaining optimal blood pressure and cardiovascular health.
  • Reduces risk of infertility in men and women.
  • Helps to reduce constipation, flatulence, bloating and indigestion.
  • Delays premature aging and appearance of symptoms such as muscular degeneration and age spots.
  • Helps to prevent cancer and anemia.

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Additional Durian Taboo:

1.Do not eat durian and mangosteen together at the same time, they may cause constipation.

2.Do not eat warm food such as beef, lamb and seafood while or after eating durian.

3.Do not drink wine or alcoholic drink within eight hours, it would be a risk of fainting or death if you do so.

4.Remember to drink more water after eating durian, since it is hot.